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Camp Bow-Wow Kennels are designed to provide lots of space (80 square feet) for each guest.  The kennels are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.  When outside temperatures permit, the doggie doors remain open which allows an abundance of continuous fresh air into the kennels.  Each unit is chain link fencing so that our guests can see everything going on around them.

You may bring bedding but please do not bring anything super expensive.  Sometimes the blankets or beds get chewed up as a gesture of entertaining each other!  Therefore, we are not responsible for shredded beds or blankets.

We feed premium Lamb & Rice dry kibbles which we have seen through the years to be very gentle on tummies.  Should you need to bring your own special diet dog food, bring only the amount your pet(s) will eat during their stay.  It should be stored in a solid container.  Bringing toys and/or treats are always fun for the dogs while they are Camp.

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